Despite being far more important than underfloor insulation, duct wrapping is often neglected. Newer homes typically utilize flexduct which comes pre-insulated. In these homes, the only areas requiring traditional insulation are the large trunk lines.  Much like the underfloor insulation, duct insulation is a prime target for rodents and critters. Usually, the insulation won’t fall completely but will become saturated with droppings and urine.

Mold growth on crawl space insulation is fairly rare. One reason for this is because most insulation contains Fiberglass, and fiberglass isn’t a great food source for microbial growth. Also, typically condensation will occur on other surfaces first. However, insulation in the crawl space can become easily damaged by rodents and other unpleasant circumstances, which can then lead to mold growth

Although a reasonably uncommon sight, some older homes still lack underfloor insulation.  This can happen because occasionally a homeowner will remove the insulation due to a rodent problem and fail to install new insulation.  Good news though, the energy loss of missing underfloor insulation is not nearly as bad as duct insulation or attic insulation.  However, complaints of comfort issues related to a cold floor during the winter months are common.

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Common CrawlSpace Insulation problems

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Unfortunately, the most disgusting source of insulation problems is also the most common.  Rats, mice and occasionally larger critters such as raccoons and cats are all destructive. Rats cause the most destruction, as they commonly inhabit the warm space between the insulation and the subfloor.  Eventually, the weight of their body causes the insulation to droop or fall completely.

Rodent activity

Missing or Inadequate Duct Insulation

Missing or Inadequate Underfloor Insulation